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Who We Are

At Lorien Guitar Recovery, we specialize in refurbishing recycled instruments and distributing factory authorized refurbished instruments. Our team of skilled Guitar Technicians inspect and refresh each one to playable standards.

50% of the instruments we sell are discarded items, refurbished and rejuvenated with care. The other half are factory authorized refurbished. These instruments all encountered a mishap in a brand name manufacturing warehouse, resulting in the instrument being rejected for immediate sale.

It doesn’t make economical sense for a manufacturer to hire more labor for repair, so these instruments are placed onto a pallet and shipped off to a factory authorized refurbishing warehouse. At the warehouse they are refurbished, and then legally sold again as “used”. Notice, there is no customer use in between. These instruments are in “like-new” condition and have only been touched by licensed guitar technicians.

There are many reasons for an instrument to be rejected by a manufacturer in the first place, some simpler than you might think, such as: 

  • Instrument gets painted the wrong color
  • Instrument has a paint flaw
  • Instrument has a soldering malfunction
  • Not enough instrument cases for every instrument
  • Not enough amps for every guitar kit that requires an amp
  • Accidents happen

(see last blog, 6 Reasons Instruments Are Rejected by Manufacturers for more detail on  instrument rejection)


Steps After Rejection

  • Every time an instrument is rejected in a manufacturing warehouse, it is then placed on to a pallet.
  • After the pallet is full, it is sent to a factory authorized refurbishing warehouse. None of the instruments on the pallet have any record of why they couldn’t be sold, so by the time they arrive at the warehouse, there is no telling beforehand what the damage is.
  • Highly trained Guitar Technicians and Luthiers then inspect the products and fix any damage or technical errors, ensuring a fully playable instrument.
  • The instrument is then given a new serial number, repackaged, and has to legally be sold as “used”.
  • The instruments finally arrive at our shop. A large majority of the factory authorized refurbished instruments we accept were initially labeled “no visible repair”, meaning when it reached the factory authorized refurbisher, there was nothing visibly wrong.
  • Though these issues are almost always repaired and good to go, our skilled Guitar Technicians take one last round of inspection.
  • The instruments are ready to be sold at an affordable price!


Our Mission

Lorien Guitar Recovery was founded to reduce waste and recycle used and new materials. Manufacturing instruments takes its toll on the Earth. By making these authorized factory refurbished guitars available along with only selling other used guitars, we can curb the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, we are rehousing forgotten instruments that still have structural integrity, making them available for someone else with less access to resources to still obtain a perfectly playable and rejuvenated instrument at a lower price than the brand-named manufacturers.

There is clearly a great advantage from buying our factory authorized refurbished guitars. They are nearly new, and unlike brand new instruments, have been through multiple rounds of examination, and are being sold at a far more discounted price. Look for the “Factory Authorized Refurbish” label in the product description, or click on the “Factory Authorized Refurbished” banner on the home page. 

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