6 Tips To Increasing Music In Public Education

Studies show increasing academic success within low socioeconomic groups when school curriculum includes music programs.

Schools with music programs have higher graduation rates than those without programs (90.2% as compared to 72.9%).

One aspect of our mission advocates and provides for those who struggle with access to music resources and education.

In Oregon, many public schools experience budget cuts to art programs, and rely on volunteer programs and donation funding for such programs. Funding, spaces, resources, and advocacy, are all areas in need of support for a higher quality public education.

We strive to pave the way for accessible music education within our community, and we encourage our followers to pass it along!

Here are some tips to improve music education in your community:

1.) Always donate your discarded instruments instead of throwing them away. This could be at any good donation spot or auction.

2.) If you have instruments that you wish to discard and want to see your donation go further, call your local elementary, middle, or high school, and ask if they have music programs that could use donated instruments.

3.) To instrument shops nearby education institutions: create a section or price program for “student” priced instruments.
Read and educate on the issues and programs surrounding music education accessibility.

5.) Follow music program advocacy organizations and get involved with what they’re doing. Most organizations need support with sending letters and making calls to pressure local officials for more music program funding.

6.) Encourage someone you know to learn an instrument!

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