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Daisy Rock Guitar, a modern company founded by Tish Ciravolo, has been specializing in guitars for women and young girls since the early 2000’s. A true revolutionary, Ciravolo trail blazed a path for women in the music industry. From the first and only female-based guitar producer 20 years ago, to the leading female guitar brand sold in over 26 countries for women today- she has made a place for women in rock and roll.

Daisy Rock’s lightweight stature offers people with small body frames more movement and comfort, and their slimmer necks are easier for smaller hands to wrap around. The flower and butterfly designs are important to the brand, as they cater to a young-female crowd. Ciravolo started Daisy Rock when her own daughters were growing up, in hopes to make their music learning experience more accepting and fulfilling. Our inventory carries many refurbished models of these inspiring instruments.

“The idea behind society is every time a mother says my daughter should take lessons, they say it should be piano lessons, it should be violin, it should be saxophone sometimes. It had never been a normal thing for a parent to go, “Hey! She should play guitar!”. So my idea behind my company was, let's level the playing field”.

Daisy Rock Guitars Rock Candy Custom Dark Star
Daisy Rock 2006 Rock Candy Custom Dark Star: HH Vintage Power Pickups with Coil-Split, Roadworn Black Matte Finish
Daisy Rock Rock Candy Custom Special
Daisy Rock 2008 "Rock Candy" Custom Dark Star: Daisy Rock Vintage HH Power Pickups & Coil-Split, Black Matte Finish
Daisy Rock Retro H Semi Hollow Body
Daisy Rock Stardust Retro H Semi-Hollow Body with Vintage Mini Humbuckers in "Ice Blue" Finish
Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic Guitar in Red Sparkle with Accessory Pack
Debutante by Daisy Rock 3/4 Scale "Junior Miss" Acoustic Guitar in Pink with Cream Binding with Accessory Pack

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