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What first started as a small violin manufacturer in 1890 journeyed to a sub brand of the well-known Fender guitars. Squier has become the prime medium-class model at an affordable price, played by mostly younger generations and beginner players around the world. Being a subdivision of the highly valued Fender brand, Squiers are especially perfect for beginner players who need a cheaper way to get familiar with name brand and staple models. The price does not take away from the value however, Squier guitars are manufactured globally and used amongst famous musicians and songwriters around the world. Take a look and see our options!

“ I use that guitar because it’s matte black and it’s got a volume knob, and that’s it. It was like £150 and I’ve swapped the scratchplates over and I’ve smashed it up, but it just doesn’t break or go out of tune”.

-Van Mccann from Catfish and the Bottlemen on Squier guitars
Squier by Fender Rolling Rock Promotion Guitar
Squier "Rolling Rock" Top-of-Line "Standard" Stratocaster with a Single Humbucker - Collector's Item
Classic Squier Affinity Stratocaster VSB Left-Handed
Squier by Fender Left-handed Affinity Stratocaster in Classic Sunburst Gloss Finish
Squier Mini Stratocaster in Alpine White
Squier by Fender Mini 3/4 Scale Stratocaster, in Alpine White with Starter Accessory Kit (Great Deal-Minor Paint Flaw)
Squier 1994 Made in Korea Stratocaster
Squier by Fender MIK 1994 Stratocaster - Bright Red with White Pickguard and Maple Neck
Squier 1996 Stratocaster with "by Fender" Headstock
Squier by Fender 1996-97 Stratocaster Rebuild with Hand Painted Body and Hot Pickups....
Squier Stagemaster Sub-Sonic Deluxe with Floyd Rose
Squier by Fender Rare "Stagemaster Sub-Sonic Deluxe" HH Stratocaster - Black with Aged Pickguard
Squier 51 (2005) Black and White
Squier by Fender 2005 "Squier 51" Telecaster / Stratocaster Blend, in Black with White Pickguard
Squire 1992 "Fat" Stratocaster (HSS)
Squier by Fender HSS "Fat" Stratocaster: CN Series,1992, Cream Yellow with White Pickguard
Squier by Fender 2002 Stratocaster
Squier by Fender: CAE Series Classic Stratocaster - White with Pearloid Pickguard and back Cover
Squier by Fender Mini Stratocaster
Squier by Fender Mini Stratocaster - 3/4 (Short) Scale in Vintage Sunburst
Squire by Fender Telecaster
Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster in gloss Olympic White: Strings thru Body
Squier 1994 MIK Bullet Stratocaster, Cherry Red, with Black & Silver Upgrades
Squier by Fender 1994 MIK Stratocaster, "1/2 Moon" Bullet Aged Cream and Rosewood
Squier by Fender 2000s Stratocaster (Missing S/N) Tobacco Burst
Squier II Stratocaster "S" Series
Squier II by Fender 1991-92 Stratocaster.... "S" Series, Made in Korea Black Gloss
Squier by Fender "NC" 1996 Stratocaster, First Affinity Series
Squier Precision Bass (P-Bass) in classic Black with White Pickguard.
Squier by Fender 2004 Affinity Precision Bass or P-Bass in Gloss Black
Squier by Fender 2008 Affinity Stratocaster in Cherry Red, Pearloid - Indonesia
2009 Squier Affinity Stratocaster in Deep Royal Blue
Squier by Fender 2009 Affinity Stratocaster, in Deep Royal Blue
Squier Stratocaster 1994 NC Bullet
Squier by Fender 1994 NC "1/2 Moon Bullet" Stratocaster: Vintage Tobacco Burst.

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