Our Mission

Saving the world, one guitar at a time.

The Environment

As operating humans who produce undeniable waste on this Earth, we make it a duty to clean up a little. Instrument manufacturing can take its’ toll on the environment, and too many used instruments get rejected, tossed into a closet, sent to thrift stores, and even outright thrown away. We believe every instrument should have a second chance, and every aspiring guitar player, should have a chance to buy a good guitar, at a fair price. By reusing what would otherwise be discarded or trash, we minimize waste, the manufacturing process, and carbon footprint-while also providing an opportunity where it is most needed. We are always thinking of new creative ways to reduce waste, and strive to educate where we can.

Our community

We encourage music as an expressive outlet, and we believe the power of music can yield one’s truest and happiest self.  Unfortunately, too many people who should be able to learn an instrument, can’t afford to buy one or only one that is hard to play. We have started a scholarship program to low income public schools here in Oregon, to empower our community and especially community youth with music.

We also feature an “offer” making policy where you, the customer, can offer a price in your budget, and we can settle on one in range. Click the “make an offer” button on the right side of the “add to cart” button to send us an offer email.

We stand as advocators of music and music education, and hope to save the world, one guitar at a time. Check out our scholarship page for more information on ways to join us in advocating for music education and resources.

Make us an offer

Lorien Guitars

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