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Manufacturers will not continue with the manufacturing process when an instrument has encountered a simple cosmetic or “visible” mistake. Even when all integral aspects are perfect, the color shade could be slightly off and the instrument will still get rejected. The manufacturer places these rejected instruments on a palette and sends them to a factory authorized refurbisher. At the refurbishing facility, the instruments are inspected and renovated, and are then legally sold as “used”. Although these instruments endure rigorous refurbishment, their cosmetic mishaps are still visible. It gives them that character we’re talking about! That being said, the instruments in this category all have unique visible characteristics, ones you can only buy once.

 There are many pleasant surprises in this category, take a look and see! You might like what you find!

Squier Mini Stratocaster in Alpine White
Squier by Fender Mini 3/4 Scale Stratocaster, in Alpine White with Starter Accessory Kit (Great Deal-Minor Paint Flaw)
Squier 1996 Stratocaster with "by Fender" Headstock
Squier by Fender 1996-97 Stratocaster Rebuild with Hand Painted Body and Hot Pickups....
Squier by Fender 2002 Stratocaster
Squier by Fender: CAE Series Classic Stratocaster - White with Pearloid Pickguard and back Cover
Takamine GC3CE
Takamine GC3CE Acoustic Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar in Aged Natural with HSC
Guild Jumbo Jr.
Guild Jumbo Junior Acoustic/Electric with Spruce Top and Mahogany Body
Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic Guitar in Red Sparkle with Accessory Pack

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