Epiphone 1990s J/P "Power Bass", Aged White with Jazz and Precision Bass Pickups

This is a great deal for a slightly road worn but not abused Epiphone Power Bass. These were made in the 1990s, but we could not find a serial number to confirm which year specifically. Based on our research I would guess 91-94. It carries 2 Pickups, Jazz and Precision, so it provides a greater range of sound with the ability to blend. Pictures show missing strap lug, but that has been replaced.

This is a body-thru bass. The physics of this is that the strings are pulled over the saddles, pushing the bridge and saddles tight onto the body. This the vibrations of the strings are transferred directly to the body, adding overtones for the pickups to amplify. It would also contribute to increased sustain….. Add the matching color headstock and black tuners, and you have a unique Bass, audibly and visually.









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Instrument Specifications


Epiphone Power Bass Specifications

Double cutaway Maple Body

Maple Neck

20 Fret Rosewood Fretboard

Combined Jazz and Precision Bass Pickups (P/J)

2 Volume and one tone control

Strings-Thru-Body Bridge

Black Hardware

LGR Refurbished Guitars

This is a Lorien Guitar Recovery refurbished used guitar. Every one of our refurbished guitars is cleaned, polished, and repaired, if needed. All electronics are cleaned and tested, and all non-working or deteriorating parts are replaced. We then restring it with quality strings, tune and test. Our refurbished guitars are guaranteed for 30 days from delivery against any failure in playability.

These are a great deal for anyone that wants a quality guitar with a limited budget, or someone who wants to learn, and needs a guitar that is affordable and playable. Don’t buy cheap instruments, buy used. Most cheap guitars are not really playable, and often get in the way of learning.

I believe every guitar should have a second chance, and every aspiring guitar player, should have a chance to buy a good guitar, at a fair price….

I offer my guitars at a fair price, but open the option for a best offer. I always reject low-ball offers, but always consider honest ones. Try it, I may be in a good mood today!

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