Samick Malibu MB 1 Stratocaster in Bright Corvette Yellow

Samick is the largest guitar manufacturer in the world. They make guitars for other manufacturers, under different brands (New Silvertones), and like this one, under their name brand. This is a sweet guitar. We believe it is a 2008, based on serial number, but it could be newer. 

The Malibu is a Stratocaster act-alike…. it has the same shape and pickup configuration of a Strat, but the 3X3 headstock, and pickups made for the Malibu series. 


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Instrument Specifications


As a leading manufacturer, ready to produce a line of their own, Samick called on Greg Bennett, an industry marketing and design veteran of almost 30 years. Greg’s experience in high level marketing positions with the industry’s leading manufacturers and retailers, coupled with a formal design and performance background, made him uniquely qualified. The challenge was to take the majority of credible design or style categories and design product that in effect paid tribute to the original designs while creating a new and unique perspective.

Players want to have something special or unique, but they want it to have a familiar feel. Because of the sheer scope of the project, there needed to be an intense point of view in order to create a sense of continuity across the entire line. The designs were conceptualized, designed and refined in Greg’s studio in Nashville. Once the designs were completed, the challenge shifted to sourcing and manufacturing. Professional caliber electronics and hardware as well as distinctive tone woods were sourced from exotic locations over the entire globe: ovangkohl and ebony from Africa, rosewood from India and rock maple from North America, pickups from Duncan™ and Fishman®, tuners by Grover™ and bridges by Wilkinson™. We performed a complete upgrade in wiring and onboard electronics. The acoustic guitars also received a thorough structural overhaul. Finally the instruments were set up and inspected before going out to the player. This has truly been a labor of love for both Greg and the people at Samick.

Lorien Guitar Recovery Refurbished Instruments

In addition to selling newer factory refurbished instruments, Lorien Guitar Recovery is in the business of recovering unique older Epiphone, Squier, Mexican Fender, and other mid-range guitars for resale.

This instrument was refurbished by Lorien Guitar Recovery. Unlike a typical used guitar, this one was completely checked out, and tested by skilled guitar Technicians, and then put through a multi-point refresh and refurbish process

Our Refurbish Process

First we inspect the instrument for any physical or functional issues or damage. If the instrument has too much damage or does not meet minimum requirements, it is disassembled for parts and recycled; if it meets basic requirements it is refurbished. This is what we do:

  • All old hardware items that are damaged or non-functional are removed
  • All old strings are removed
  • All surfaces are treated and/or polished; dents and chips are repaired when appropriate
  • Rosewood pieces and fretboards are oiled with Lemon oil
  • Hardware is inspected, screws and nuts are tightened; non-functional pieces are replaced
  • Electronics, if present, are tested, and all contacts cleaned; broken electronics are replaced
  • Saddles and nuts are inspected, and if compromised, they are replaced.
  • The instrument is then re-assembled with new strings
  • The instrument receives a basic setup for playability.

Our Mission

Too many used instruments get rejected, and tossed into a closet, or outright thrown away, or sent to thrift stores. And too many people, who should be able to learn an instrument, can’t afford to buy one or only one that is hard to play.

We believe every instrument should have a second chance, and every aspiring guitar player, should have a chance to buy a good guitar, at a fair price…. This is one of those guitars…. Don’t let it pass you by…. I offer my guitars at a fair price, but open the option for a best offer. We have to reject low-ball offers, but always consider honest ones. Try it; I may be in a good mood today! If you have a low budget or no budget, let us know. We’ll do our best to get you an instrument that is playable and affordable.

Thanks for Looking…

Lorien Guitar Recovery
“Saving the world one guitar at a time”

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