Silvertone by Samick Model SSL1: Great Guitar Looking for a Home

This is a monster deal…. A really great version of a Les Paul style guitar, the SSL1 looks and feels like a professional instrument and yet is sold as a medium-priced competitor to more popular brands.

Silvertone Guitars:

In 2001 the Silvertone brand was purchased by Samick, one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world. Samick has its own line of guitars but many other famous medium priced guitar models are made in Samick plants for Epiphone, Squier, and many more medium to high end brands.

Samick started producing Silvertone guitars in the styles most popular with musicians, including the Stratocaster, the Les Paul, the SG, and more…True to modern and vintage trends, Samick has produced some amazing guitars for the cost. We carry many of their models, authorized refurbished, made between 2018 and 2020.

This is one of the Les Paul Styled Guitars, made in the last 2 years.


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Instrument Specifications


This guitar is built to replicate the LP100. It has a similar construction; no binding, thin body, dual pickups, upper cutaway toggle switch, 4 control knobs. Samick uses quality hardware, and the reviews talk to the reliability, playability, and tuning stability of these guitars.

I love the price-point of the Silvertone line. I carry a lot of their models. It allows us to get really high quality guitars into the hands of more players, because you really can’t beat the price. (The price of this specific guitar, because of the paint flaws, is really awesome…See comments below)

Silvertone History:

The Silvertone brand has been around for a long time. The brand was owned by Sears and was attached to everything from radios to TVs, and of course…guitars. In the early 1900s, Sears was the Amazon of its time. Their catalog and catalog stores were in every small town in America. If you lived in a small town, and you wanted a guitar, you went to the catalog, or catalog store, picked it out from the catalog, and it was shipped to you weeks later.

From the beginning, Sears’ Silvertone guitars were delivered to homes all across America. They were manufactured by a variety of companies for Sears, from 1916 to 1972, and because of their affordability and range of styles, were often the first guitar of many famous musicians. Without Silvertone, many great guitar players and songs would never have been heard.

Older vintage models are sought after and are very expensive…… towards the end of Sears’ guitar manufacturing, the guitars were poorly configured. Samick changed that….. Silvertone guitars are great beginner guitars because they are inexpensive and well-made. The result is playability and affordability.

Refurbished Instruments

In addition to recovering, rebuilding, and refurbishing intermediate guitars and folk instruments from the last 30 years, we also sell factory authorized refurbished instruments, provided by the largest guitar recycler in the US. These are a great deal for anyone that wants a quality guitar with a limited budget. You don’t get an equivalent you get an original.

This is a professionally refurbished instrument. They mostly come from the factory, or from large dealers. Some instruments have flaws, like a paint glitch, while some need simple repairs, not visible, like repairing a lifting bridge or fretboard. Some have a repair that is visible but makes the instrument good again, like an acoustic with a cracked soundboard that needs repaired. Sometimes it gets rejected because the color is not quite right, or it was sold with accessories, and the factory ran out of accessories.

Unlike a new guitar, or typical used one, this instrument was completely checked out, and tested by factory authorized skilled Guitar Technicians (Luthiers). After it was inspected at the refurbisher by experts, then repaired and/or verified as “like new”, it was distributed to dealers like me, to get to smart customers like you. You get a great, as-new guitar, at a great price, less than discounted new! Why buy a cheaper knock-off when you can have a Genuine Silvertone by Samick for the same investment.

If there is any visible repair or flaw on any guitar we sell, we note it here.

This guitar has several visible paint flaws. (See Pictures) These are areas of the guitar body where paint did not adhere, or where there was some chipping of the wood. What is hard to see is that the polyurethane clear coat was applied over top of those flaws. That’s why they are not repainted. That’s why I can offer this guitar at a great price. These areas will not chip or turn a weird color, and when you touch the areas, it is smooth and shiny, because they are protected by the clear coat, just like the paint.

By law, since it was handled after it was released, the instrument is marked as “Used” by the Refurbisher with a light stamp on the headstock, and assigned a new sticker serial number.

I offer my guitars at a fair price, but open the option for a best offer. I always reject lowball offers, but always consider honest ones. Try it; I may be in a good mood today!

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