Squier 1994 MIK Bullet Stratocaster, Cherry Red, with Black & Silver Upgrades

This is a lighter, sweet, early version of the Squier Stratocaster. It’s a 1994 MIK (Made in Korea) “Moon” Bullet Stratocaster. (We call guitars with the “Bullet” name, in a half moon at the top rounded section of the Fender Headstock, “Moon Bullets”: mostly made in the 1990s). It has a thinner (1.5″) lighter body like an modern Affinity, but was a higher quality Squier when made. The MSRP in 1994 was $239.99. In 1995 Squier moved Bullet Stratocaster production to China, and these “Moon Bullets” took on a thicker, standard size.?

Every older Squier from this period has hit or miss on the pickups….They were hand wound, so they are not always consistent even in the same years. Woods were also not consistent. We get a fair amount of these. We test each guitar, on a Fender 1989 Princeton Chorus, and on a modern Fender Digital Blackface….. If we don’t like the pickups, we replace them. On this guitar, we liked them a lot….. and the guitar is in pristine condition.



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Instrument Specifications

Refurbish Type: Lorien Guitar Recovery Refurbished
Dexterity: Right Handed
Brand: Squier
Guitar Type: Solid Body Electric
Number Of Strings: 6
Guitar Scale: Full Scale


These pickups, on this specific guitar, have a delightful high end. They were hand wound and thus are unique. The guitar is 25 years old, so it is “settled”, that is the wood has aged and the fibers settled in. Again, making this guitar unique. We try to keep older guitars original when we can, but the original pickguard and pickup covers were badly discolored or warped, so we chose to replace them with this black pickguard, and a matching set of silver covers and knobs…. otherwise it is presumed original. The guitar is in excellent condition.

This guitar comes with a used, but not abused, gig-bag, a new strap, a new Fender clip-on tuner, and whammy bar.

LGR Refurbished Guitars

This is a Lorien Guitar Recovery refurbished used guitar. Every one of our refurbished guitars is cleaned, polished, and repaired, if needed. All electronics are cleaned and tested, and all non-working or deteriorating parts are replaced. We then restring it with quality strings, tune and test. Our refurbished guitars are guaranteed for 30 days from delivery against any failure in playability.

These are a great deal for anyone that wants a quality guitar with a limited budget, or someone who wants to learn, and needs a guitar that is affordable and playable. Don’t buy cheap instruments, buy used. Most new, cheap guitars are not really playable, and often get in the way of learning.

I believe every guitar should have a second chance, and every aspiring guitar player, should have a chance to buy a good guitar, at a fair price….?

I offer my guitars at a fair price, but open the option for a best offer. I always reject lowball offers, but always consider honest ones. Try it, I may be in a good mood today!

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